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Under the Pensions Act 2008 every employer with staff in the UK is required to automatically enrol those staff who are eligible, into a workplace pension scheme and contribute towards it. This is taking place now and will continue to take place until all the employers in the country are compliant and this will be within the next few years.

It's called "Automatic Enrolment" because all eligible staff need to be automatically enrolled into a pension scheme through their employer, they do not have a choice. You, as the employer need to have a pension scheme set up to enrol your eligible employees into.

If you don't already have a work place pension scheme then you need to set one up and take steps to make sure all your eligible staff are automatically enrolled into that scheme. The Pension Regulator will inform you of the date that your employers work placed pension is to start, this is called your "staging date" and you must be fully compliant by your staging date.

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If you are concerned about the new pension requirements or have any questions about your obligations we can help. We understand what you are facing and can help guide you every step of the way or you can simply outsource the whole process. If you contact us, we will be able help you.